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SL Raheja Hospital is located in the suburb of Mahim in Mumbai It is associated with Fortis Hospitals and has established a high standard of healthcare services and medical facilities since its inception. We are one of the best multispecialty hospitals in Mumbai

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S.L. Raheja Hospital (A Fortis Associate) Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400016, India.

Emergency No- 022-66529888


The medical specialities that deal with the skin are known as dermatology and cosmetology. This branch of medicine is concerned with diseases affecting the skin, nails, hair and other cosmetic problems including quality skincare counselling and expert consultations.

The department of dermatology and cosmetology at S.L. Raheja Hospital- A Fortis Associate offers a wide spectrum of dermatological services for patients across all age groups. The centre offers comprehensive care for diseases affecting the skin, hair and nails. The panel of dermatologists and cosmetologists have tremendous expertise in understanding the complex requirements of every patient to provide personalised and expert care. The team of specialists are adept in procedures that utilise advanced and minimally invasive techniques to help the patient recover quickly with minimal scarring and minimal discomfort. Patients can choose from medical and surgical treatment options that are made possible with the most advanced diagnostics and state-of-the-art technology at the department of dermatology and cosmetology at S.L. Raheja Hospital.

Our expert team offers services that cater to effective skincare, body shaping solutions and healthy hair solutions while focusing on technologically advanced methods to enhance the appearance and manage complex skin conditions. The department of dermatology and cosmetology utilises a collaborative approach involving other disciplines of medicine such as oncology, neurology, plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Team of specialists



Plastic surgeons


Onco surgeons

Well trained team of nurses, nutritionists, counsellors and psychologists.




Autoimmune diseases

Lichen planus

Moles and warts

Sun allergy



Cancers of the skin

Skin infections

Skin allergies

Drug reactions

Genital Dermatology

Skin diseases in HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases

Genital dermatology


Diseases affecting the nails

Ingrown toenails

Aesthetic dermatology

Anti-ageing treatment

Pigmentation management

Hair aesthetics


Hair loss (alopecia)

Hereditary baldness


Laser hair removal

Laser skin facial

Chemical peels

Botox injections



Dermal fillers

Services offered

Allergy tests

This is used to diagnose certain allergies that can isolate allergens or substances that cause allergic skin reactions.

Chemical peels

Used in the treatment of acne, anti-ageing, pigmentation of the face and different parts of the body.

Laser therapy

This type of therapy is used for enhancing the appearance of the skin and for laser removal of unwanted hair.

Intralesional injections

These injections are used in the treatments of scars such as keloids, hypertrophic scars, warts and resistant dermatitis.


This non-invasive cosmetic procedure gently removes the outer layer of the skin by using tiny crystals that are spread on the surface of the skin.


This treatment utilises a special type of light to treat conditions such as newborn jaundice.


A relatively safe procedure used to treat depressions caused by acne scars on the surface of the skin.

Diagnosis and treatment

S.L. Raheja Hospital offers a variety of diagnostic services for the management of skin diseases. Most skin conditions can be diagnosed by visual examination of the skin. Other tests can be used to further diagnose conditions of the skin.


Removal of a tiny piece of skin for examination under a microscope.

Skin patch test

Application of small amounts of substances to test for allergic reactions in the skin.

Culture test

Skin samples to test for the presence of bacteria, viruses or fungus.

Treatments offered

Prescribed oral and topical medication for skin conditions

Laser skin resurfacing

Steroid injections and creams

Surgical procedures

our Doctors

We Have A Team Of Expert Doctors for Dermatology & Cosmetology

Dr. Dattatray Saple

Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and HIV/AIDS Medicine

Dr. Maithili Kamat

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Rinky Kapoor

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Shankar Sawant

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Nimesh Mehta

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Usha Beloskar

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Preeta Yadav

Consultant Dermatology

We provide the highest level of care to every patient, so that, they remember us for the services that were more than what they had expected.

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