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SL Raheja Hospital is located in the suburb of Mahim in Mumbai It is associated with Fortis Hospitals and has established a high standard of healthcare services and medical facilities since its inception. We are one of the best multispecialty hospitals in Mumbai

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S.L. Raheja Hospital (A Fortis Associate) Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400016, India.

Emergency No- 022-66529888


The department of  critical care  is an extremely sensitive, highly monitored area of the hospital where the sickest of the patients of the hospital are admitted.


The department of critical care is manned by two senior consultants in critical care with an able team of doctors and nurses trained in the field of critical care round the clock. The state of the art critical care unit has 30 fully equipped beds including 8 beds with capacity for hemodialysis, two positive pressure isolation room and two negative pressure isolation rooms.


The Critical care unit at Raheja hospital has state of the art equipment that are in tune with international standards. The critical care unit has best in class non-invasive and invasive ventilators with capacity for FRC calculations (only one in Mumbai) which helps in proper and safe ventilation of the patient. Hemodynamic monitoring which is one of the backbones of critical care is done with continuous monitoring of cardiac output, extravascular lung index monitoring etc. with the use of the Volume view device. Scientific and objective nutrition in critical care is guided by the only indirect calorimeter in Mumbai with the help of advanced, homegrown, validated awarded software called the “inutrimon” again the first in Mumbai. The unit also has the capacity for continuous arterial blood pressure, central venous pressure, bladder pressure, intra-aortic blood pressure ,trans pulmonary pressure for effective ventilation ,continuous renal replacement therapy and hemodialysis, body warmers, syringe pumps, infusion pumps, blood gas analysis ,electrolytes , cardiac markers, defibrillation, bronchoscopy, transvenous and transjugular pacing, jugular venous oximetry for brain-injured patients,multiparameter monitoring ,central monitoring continuous feeding pumps for feeding and a laminar airflow for preparation of feeds.

The relatives of patients admitted to the ICU are counselled on a daily basis at a designated counselling area by the consultants and are also provided with a waiting room with bed and washroom facilities along with a prayer room on the same floor.

The department has seen many awards like:

  • The best innovation in critical care award for the vocalizer and the “ inutrimon”,
  • Honourable mention award for the best of best in critical care nutrition from the Critical care nutrition society of Canada,
  • Many best research paper awards and numerous other academic achievements in the field of critical care.

The department of critical care also conducts two widely attended conferences in mechanical ventilation and nutrition each year to teach and spread the great work done in the intensive care unit.

our Doctors

We Have A Team Of Expert Doctors for Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Sanjith Saseedharan

Director Critical Care

We provide the highest level of care to every patient, so that, they remember us for the services that were more than what they had expected.

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