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S.L. Raheja (A Fortis Associate) is a super speciality hospital in Mumbai, located in the suburbs of Mahim. Inaugurated in the year 1981, it is now one of the top multi-speciality health care centers in the city, renowned for its world-class treatment and facilities in various fields including Diabetes, Diabetic Foot Surgery, Oncology, Orthopedics, Cardiac Sciences, Neuro Sciences and Minimal Access Surgeries through its Centers of Excellence.

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123/A, Miranda City Likaoli Prikano, Dope United States

+0989 7876 9865 9

[email protected]

Doctor Name Speciality Days Timings
Vijay Kulkarni Andrology Mon12.00 PM to 1.00 PM
Sanjay Borude Bariatric Surgery Wed, Fri 1.00 PM to 3.00 PM
Nilesh Gautam CardiologyMon to Fri10:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Haresh G. MehtaCardiology Mon to Sat10.00AM - 12.00PM
Prakash Sanzgiri CardiologyWed12.00 PM to 1.00 PM
S. S. Ambardekar CardiologyMon, Thur11.00 AM to 1.00 PM
Snehal KothariCardiology Wed12:00 NOON - 02:00 PM
Ankur PhatarpekarCardiologyMon, Wed, Fri05.00PM - 07.00PM
Manoj Pradhan Cariothoracic Surgery (ADULT) Mon to Fri09:00 AM to 02:00 PM
Dwarkanath KulkarniPediatric Cardiovascular Surgery By AppointmentBy Appointment
D.G. Saple Dermatology, Cosmetology Sat9.00 AM to 10.00 AM
Maithili Kamath Dermatology, Cosmetology Wed1.00 PM to 2.00 PM
Nimesh D.Mehta Dermatology, Cosmetology Mon, Wed, Fri1:30 PM TO 2:30 PM
Preeta Yadav Dermatology, Cosmetology Thur3.30 PM to 4.30 PM
Debraj Shome Dermatology, Cosmetology Tues02.00 PM to 04.00 PM
Rinky Kapoor Dermatology, Cosmetology Thur2.00 PM to 4.00 PM
Shankar Savant Dermatology, Cosmetology Mon to Sat10.00 AM to 11.00 AM (Mon, Wed, Fri),
6.00 PM to 7.00 PM (Tue, Thur, Sat)
Arun Bal Diabetic Surgery Tue, Thur, Sat8.30 AM to 11.00 AM
Rajeev Singh Diabetic Surgery Tue, Thur, Sat8.30 AM to 11.00 AM
Sachin Vilhekar Diabetic Surgery Mon, Wed, Sat8.00 AM to 11.00 AM (Mon),
05.00 PM to 6.00 PM (Wed, Sat)
A. M. Argikar Diabetology Thur9.30 AM to 02.00 PM
A. S. Bhoraskar Diabetology Wed, Sat10.00 AM to 12.00 PM
Alpana Sowani Diabetology Tue, Sat01.00 PM to 02.00 PM
Manoj ChawlaDiabetology Thur09.30 AM to 10.30 AM
P. G. Talwalkar Diabetology Mon, Tue11.00 AM to 02.00 PM
R. B. Phatak Diabetology Thur, Sat11.00 AM to 01.00 PM
S. K. Jain Diabetology Wed, Fri10.00 AM to 12.00 PM
S. N. Shah Diabetology Fri11.00 AM to 1.00 PM
Tejas Shah DiabetologyFri09.00 AM to 10.00 AM
Rajiv Kovil Diabetology Wed02.00 PM to 04.00 PM
Dietician Nutrition Dietetics Mon to Sat10.00 AM to 04.00 PM
Altamash Shaikh Endocrinology Thur, SatBy Appointment
Awesh Shingare Endocrinology Tue, Fri, SatBy Appointment
Kamalakar dandekar ENT Mon to Sat10.00 AM to 11.00 AM
Divya Prabhat ENT Tue12.00 PM to 01.00 PM
Juthika Sheode ENT Mon, Wed, Sat12.00 PM to 1.00 PM
K. P . Morwani ENT Fri3.30 PM to 4.30 PM
Dev Kumar ENT Mon to SatBy Appointment
Samit Jain Gastro-Enterology Mon, Thur05.00 PM to 06.00 PM
Vinay Dhir Gastro-Enterology Mon to Fri10.00 AM to 06.00 PM
Dharmashri B. Kadam General Surgery Fri, Sat06.00 PM to 07.00 PM
Dilip Trivedi General SurgeryTue12.00 PM to 01.00 PM
Gaurav MishraGeneral Surgery Mon to Sat06.00 PM to 08.00 PM
Hemant Pikale General Surgery Mon to Sat09.00 AM to 10.00 AM
Manoj Gandhi General Surgery Mon to Sat11.00 AM to 12.00 PM
Rashmi MehtaGeneral Surgery Tue, Thur2.30 PM to 3.30 PM
Sudesh Phanse General Surgery Mon, Thur10.00 AM to 12.00 PM