Kidney Treatment in Mumbai _SL Raheja

What are the Causes, Signs and Treatment for Kidney Failure ?

Our kidneys are responsible for a variety of critical tasks, including blood filtration, regulation of blood pressure and haemoglobin levels. Kidney failure, also known as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), implies permanent damage which is both progressive and irreversible, to the kidneys. This disease impairs all the functions of the kidneys. This results in increased kidney […]

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Tips for healthy kidney

7 Ridiculously Effective Tips to Keep Healthy Kidneys

Proper functioning of the kidneys is essential for various body processes. Healthy kidneys will help maintain normal levels of vital nutrients in your body. Also, expels the toxins through urine and keeps minerals such as sodium and potassium in perfect balance. In individuals with compromised renal function, there is also an increased risk for cardiovascular […]

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