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What Are The Treatment Options For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly occurring deadliest diseases among women. About 1 in 28 women in India are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and the main issue is that it is mostly detected at an advanced stage when the treatments become quite challenging.

Expert oncologists at SL Raheja Hospital in Mumbai, suggest that women should carry out breast examinations regularly. If you detect a lump in your breast or face any other issues, like breast pain, discomfort, swelling, or tenderness, then get in touch with a doctor immediately.


Treatments For Breast Cancer

According to doctors at the Best Medical Oncology Treatment in Mumbai, there are five types of treatment options for breast cancer, which include one or a combination of the following.

  • Surgery
  • Radiation
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted Therapies

Some of these treatments are localized and focus only on a targeted area. Others are systematic and target the whole body to eradicate or kill cancerous cells.


Surgery -

SL Raheja Hospital is the Best cancer hospital in Mumbai that offers surgical procedures such as lumpectomy and mastectomy. In addition to that, your doctors might also need to examine or remove the lymph nodes, after determining the extent of the spread of cancerous cells.

They can also go for:

1. Sentinel lymph node biopsy to examine the lymph node located closest to the tumour, as the chances of the cancerous cells spreading there are maximum.

2. Axillary node dissection includes removing some axillary lymph nodes from your underarms and examining them under a microscope.


Radiation -

Some of the top cancer hospitals in Mumbai also offer radiation therapy for breast cancer treatment. Herein, high-energy rays are used to kill the cancerous cells, and it is used only in that part of the body where the tumour has occurred.


Hormone therapy -

For hormone therapy, the patients are given pills, such as Tamoxifen, which blocks the estrogen-shaped openings in the cells, which results in the prevention of estrogen-fueled cancers from growing.


Chemotherapy -

Chemotherapy is also used to treat breast cancer patients. The treatment will include using a combination of drugs that would either destroy the cancerous cells or slow down their growth. It is a systematic therapy wherein the drugs travel through the bloodstream to the entire body.


Targeted Therapies -

The targeted therapies can attack the cancerous cells to destroy them without harming the normal cells around them. These targeted methods are paired with chemotherapy, and they have lesser side effects than the effects of standard chemotherapy drugs.


To cure or reduce the effects of breast cancer, you must take good care of yourself apart from the treatments. This includes having timely meals which are healthy and balanced, staying active, exercising regularly, letting go of negative thoughts, and prioritizing your mental health.

You can do meditation and breathing exercises which are beneficial for both the body and the mind. Follow the instructions of your doctor and never miss out on post-treatment checkups. The checkups will ensure that your body is responding well to the treatment.


Remember that finding lumps in your breast does not mean that you have breast cancer. If you notice any such thing, it is essential to contact your doctor immediately.

Also, do note that men can also get breast cancer. So if you experience any pain in your breast or underarms region, irrespective of your gender, reach out to expert oncologists at SL Raheja Hospital in Mumbai, and get a mammogram done.  Breast cancer is curable if treated at the right time; detecting it at an early stage is crucial, and you will need to stay alert for that.


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