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Recognizing The Early Indications Of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a common killer in India. It is a chronic condition that shows higher levels of glucose in the blood.

The early signs often go unnoticed because they are mild.

But if you keep neglecting them, things might get worse. The long-term damages of this disease are debilitating.

If your symptoms have already become noticeable, then it about time that you should visit a diabetes care center in Mahim. And what can be better than SL Raheja Hospital, Mumbai?


Let us now look at some common signs and symptoms that indicate type 2 diabetes mellitus. The revelatory signs will help you to understand your condition. 


1.Excessive hunger and tiredness - If your body fails to produce enough insulin, the glucose that is converted from food will not be absorbed by the body. The cells of your body will remain deprived of glucose. Thus, you will feel exhausted almost always. It can also make you very hungry. 


2.Frequent micturition and feeling thirsty more than usual - An average human being urinates at least five to seven times a day. In case you have diabetes type 2 Mellitus, you might feel the need to urinate more often. The body tries to reabsorb the excess glucose when it reaches the kidneys. But when the sugar level is usually up, the kidneys fail to absorb the excess amount, and the body produces more urine and makes you thirsty, real bad. Do not wait for it to get worse instead, visit the diabetes hospital in Mahim and get yourself checked. 


3.Excessive dry mouth and itchy skin - Your body is wanting more fluid to produce urine this can lead to dehydration. You might feel that your skin is becoming dry and itchy. The fluid drains out of the body. Hence, the problems become more vivid. 


4.Blurred vision - When the fluid levels in the body change abruptly, it can blur the vision as the lenses swell up. The shape of the lenses might change, and you will have a problem focusing.


5.Yeast infections - When the glucose remains high for a very long time, yeast infections can start to show up. Yeast derives nutrition from glucose. So, when your body has an excess of glucose yeast makes your body its home. The infection becomes conspicuous in the warm or moist regions of the body such as under the bosoms, around sex organs, between toes or fingers, etc. 


6.Cuts take time to heal - High blood sugar levels can harm your blood flow. It can even damage nerves, thereby making it difficult for the body to be able to heal cuts and wounds. Do not take this issue lightly because chances are your body is getting affected by type 2 diabetes mellitus fast. You can visit SL Raheja Hospital, Mumbai to get expert endocrinologists’ attention as it is considered one of the best diabetes hospitals in Mahim. 


7.Numbness, pain, and tingling sensation in your feet and legs - Results from damaged nerves because diabetic neuropathy is real. You might feel a burning or tingling sensation in the soles of your feet, legs, and toes. This is the reason why many endocrinologists prescribe soft sole slippers or shoes to their patients. Not only this but, also you might notice digestive issues, problems with the urinary tract, heart, and more: all due to diabetic neuropathy. 


If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, make haste and get treated at the best diabetes treatment center in Mahim at the earliest. Make sure to act quickly before it is too late! 


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