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Reasons and treatment for Alzheimers disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a disorder in which the brain cells degenerateslowly affecting a person’s thinking, understanding and social behavior. The patient ultimately loses the capacity to think and act independently.Alzheimer’s is the primary reason behind nearly most of the dementia cases. If someone you know has Alzheimer’s, visit an experienced Neurosurgery Doctor in Mahim to get the bestpossible treatment.


Causes of Alzheimer’s disease

Research is still ongoing to find the possible causes for the disease. Studies conducted so far reveal that the main reasons for the disease are:


1.Plaques and tangles: Abnormal proteins are known to form plaques and tangles around brain cells, especially in areas essential for memory functions and then spread to other regions. They are believed to stop communication between brain cells and disrupt functions that help cells survive. This leads to the nerve cells’ destruction triggering memory failure and other symptoms

2.Family history: A person with a history of a parent or a sibling with Alzheimer’s can get afflicted with the disease

3.Old age: With increasing age, a person’s risk for developing  the disease is more

4.Down Syndrome: People with Down’s Syndrome have a higher chance of developing Alzheimer’s with signs of the disease appearing earlier in their life when compared to others

5.History of head trauma: People who have suffered a severe head injury in the past seem to have a greater chance of developing the condition

6.Sleep patterns: Those with erratic sleep patterns and having difficulty staying asleep are believed to be at a higher risk

7.Poor lifestyle: People who do not exercise regularly, are overweight, and who smoke are believed to at more risk to develop the disease

8.Certain health conditions: People with high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, and uncontrolled Type-2 Diabetes are more at risk

9.Exposure to solvents: Long-term exposure to solvents like paints and glues also seems to be linked with the onset of the disease


Treatment methods for Alzheimer’s disease

Presently, there is no known treatment method to cure Alzheimer’s disease permanently. Treatments focus primarily on managing the symptoms, aiding mental function,slowing down the symptoms, and providing support to family members and other caregivers. Pay a visit to the best neurosurgery doctor in Mumbai to learn more about the bestpossible treatment plans.

The treatment methods comprise of the following:        


1.In the case of moderate Alzheimer’s, medications known as cholinesterase are given to control some behavioral symptoms

2.N-Methyl D-aspartate antagonist is prescribed for moderate to severe Alzheimer’s. It lessens symptoms and allows the afflicted person to carry on certain daily tasks like using the bathroom for some more months. This is especially beneficial to the caregivers looking after the patient

3.Memory aids like written notes and triggering tools like calendars can be used to help the patient

4.Social interaction can help relieve the symptoms of depression or loneliness

5.Networking with support groups will be beneficial to the caregivers and family members

6.Keeping a fixed daily routine can lessen the afflicted person’s  confusion

7.Family members should encourage participation in stimulating activities and try to make life as normal as possible

8.Other underlying medical conditions that can add to the person’s suffering should be treated


If any of your family members have Alzheimer’s disease, pay a visit to Raheja Hospital, the best neurosurgery doctor in Mahim. The expert doctors guarantee that you receive the best neurological care, using the latest advanced equipment, andhelp the patient manage his symptoms and perform daily tasks with ease.


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