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How to take care of a heart patient

If you are an active caregiver for a family member with a heart condition, you must know what you can do to reduce the person’s risk and how you can give proper, timely care. Since you are the primary caregiver, you need to know the warning signs to watch out for, ensure the person gets the right diet, exercise, and medications. If you have queries that need answers, visit the Top Cardiology Hospital in Mumbai, where you will receive all the essential information.


To help you, we provide below valuable tips and advice that will guide you on how to care for a heart patient:

What you must know about caring for a heart patient

We will cover different aspects like the proper diet, exercise, medications, and the danger signs. You can help the person in these ways:


1.You can guide the patient to consume the proper diet

1.Visit a qualified dietician to create a customized plan suited for the heart condition

2.Too much salt can increase the patient’s risk. So, read food labels to know the sodium content

3.Reduce high-calorie processed foods or junk foods. Get the person to eat more low-calorie nutritious food like fresh vegetables and fruits

4.The patient can avoid refined sugar and sugar-rich foods like sweets, chocolates, and ice-creams

5.It is healthier to consume dairy foods low in saturated fat like low-fat milk, cheese, or butter

6.The person can eat lean meats like chicken and fish

7.Frozen food and canned fruits are avoidable

8.Whole-grains like wheat, brown rice, barley, and whole-grain bread or pasta are suitable. Avoid white bread and other refined flour items

9.Get the patient to drink enough water throughout the day

To know about the proper diet to give a heart patient, consult a reputed Centre for Cardiac Treatment in Mumbai.



As a caregiver, you can exercise with your loved one to give support and make it a team effort. Visit the Top Cardiology Center in Mumbai to understand which exercises are best for a heart patient. They will tell you which exercises to follow depending on the heart condition.

The patient can do these exercises:

1.Aerobic activities like walking, light jogging, or swimming three to four times a week are ideal. They help the heart use oxygen better and improve blood circulation.

2.Light resistance weight training to strengthen the muscles


Be prepared to take these steps if needed:

1.Reduce or stop the exercise if there is chest pain, light-headedness, shortness of breath, or nausea

2.If symptoms do not reduce after stopping the activity, consult a doctor immediately

3.Know what is the safe exercising pulse rate. That will help you to slow down the exercise if the rate goes too high


3.Manage the medication

This is what you need to do:

1.Monitor the medication to ensure the patient always has enough supplies

2.Understand why the medicines are being taken

3.Review the medicines every time you visit the doctor and keep your list up-to-date

4.Ensure the medicines are taken on time

5.Check which medicines should not be taken together and which ones should not be taken excessively


4.Remain alert for early warning signs

You need to look out for signs that call for immediate action. Do not hesitate to contact the doctor or go to the hospital in case of an emergency.

Watch out for these signs:

1.Shortness of breath

2.Chest discomfort

3.Swelling in the legs


5.Pain around the shoulder blades or radiating pain in the arms


Communicating with the doctors is vital while taking care of a heart patient. It can improve the person’s condition and prevent serious consequences. Fix an appointment with S.L. Raheja Hospital, one of India’s Top Cardiac Care Hospitals in Mumbai with world-class facilities. The hospital’s skilled cardiologists have the experience to deal with any heart condition. They will satisfy all queries, evaluate the patient’s condition and guide you on how to provide appropriate care.  


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