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How To Recognize A Heart Emergency?

How To Recognize A Heart Emergency?

Heart emergency can be real trouble, and you should understand that every year millions of people die due to heart attacks and other heart-related issues. It is better to recognize the early signs of an impending heart attack, that way you can prevent the graver problems coming your way. It is needless to mention that heart emergencies can be dangerous. In some cases, the heart stops beating completely which can lead to death. So, now you know why we are emphasizing the fact that it is absolutely necessaryto know the signs and get immediate help which is vital for your survival.

Top cardiologists at Raheja Hospital, one of the most famous emergency hospitals in Mumbai, suggest that people should never ignore the early signs of a heart emergency. This blog is all about how to recognize a heart emergency and knowing the warning signs that your heart is trying to show you while there is time. 

  • Heaviness in the chest area along with discomfort in the arm, neck, and jaws. These all are pretty prominent signs of a heart emergency. Furthermore, some people also experience a burning sensation, fullness in the chest area, and as if somebody is squeezing the heart out. 
  • Too much sweating, palpitation accompanied by shortness of breath.
  • Moreover, the symptoms can become problematic as it will make you feel light-headed, you might experience nausea along with vomiting tendency and cold sweat. 

If you notice these symptoms don’t waste a single moment visit a cardiologist, get your heart and vitals checked. In case your symptoms subside naturally don’t think the problem is gone. You must know that the onset of any heart issue can be pretty sudden and dramatic or even subtle. The symptoms suddenly appear and then again disappear intermittently but this doesn’t mean you will not see a doctor and let the problem aggravate until it is too late. 


Why is it essential to be prompt in case a person experiences cardiac arrest?

To put it in simple words, when the heart suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, doctors get less than a couple of minutes to bring back the heart to normalcy before it is too late. The heart needs the first shock almost immediately after it suffers the attack because with each passing second the heart becomes weaker and after that electrical therapy becomes almost useless. Electrical defibrillators are used to administer the electrical therapy. Timely medical attention can bring down the rate of deaths due to cardiac arrest. 


In case you see someone experiencing a cardiac arrest or if you experience cardiac arrest then don’t waste time, take the following steps:

1. Dial 108 or 102 - medical helpline number

2. If possible you can perform CPR or Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation. 

3. Keep aspirin tablets handy and chew a tablet. You need to know whether or not you are allergic to aspirin.

4. Stop whatever activity you were performing, sit back, and relax. 

5. If you take nitroglycerin, take your normal Dose. 

6. Don’t panic, stay calm, and wait for help to arrive. 

7. Paramedics might need your list of medications so always keep your list handy. 


Even slight symptoms lead to disastrous consequences. If you feel something is wrong, get the best possible treatment in well-known cardiothoracic hospitals in Maharashtra such as Raheja Hospital in Mahim. The hospital staffs are always ready to help you out and make you feel at home. What makes this hospital special is the fact that the emergency services are truly impressive. So, if you are living anywhere near Mahim, you can be worry-free, and in case of any trouble rush to the hospital to get immediate help. 



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