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How To Modify Your Lifestyle When You Are Detected With Heart Diseases

How To Modify Your Lifestyle When You Are Detected With Heart Diseases?

Certain kinds of heart diseases might be benignlike irregular heartbeats, but it is always good to remain alert at all times and take necessary steps to protect your heart.

Consulting an expert medical practitionerat the best heart hospital in Mumbai - SL Raheja Hospital is certainly the best path to seek prompt and expert guidance if you suffer from any kind of heart disease.

Keeping the heart healthy is a dire necessity, and there is no alternative to maintaining a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Here are some lifestyle tips to guide you.

  • Restrict the caffeine intake

Coffee or other caffeinated beverages can aggravate the symptoms of heart diseases like arrhythmia. Some people are sensitive to caffeine while some are not. So, it is always better to keep a check on how much caffeine you are taking. Make sure what you are having doesn't have caffeine in it. If you are fond of energy drinks, there is bad news… you have to avoid having energy drinks as they contain more caffeine per serving. Energy drinks also trigger BP to go up and this can cause severe arrhythmia.

  • Lower alcohol consumption

Alcohol somewhat acts like caffeine, some people might be sensitive to it while some might not be. Whatever it is, controlling alcohol consumption does no harm. Excessive drinking leads to an increase in blood pressure, which is one of the most common causes of a heart attack or even a stroke. And needless to say, these conditions can also be fatal.

  • Lead an active lifestyle

Stay active, do exercises or yoga. The abnormal heartbeats cannot stop you from staying active. However, beware and try not to overdo. Sometimes too much adrenaline can worsen the condition of an already weak heart. Doctors of SL Raheja Hospital, the best heart treatment hospital in Mumbai, suggest that it is better to stick to cardio or yoga only. You can avoid weightlifting or heavy exercises which can have a pretty heavy impact on your heart. You should consult your doctor before starting the workout sessions. 

  • Get adequate sleep

Lack of sleep increases the stress hormones in the body which have adverse effects on the health of the heart. Proper sleep is the only medicine which can keep you agile and energetic throughout the day, believe it or not, no medicine can act as good as good sleep. Suffering from sleep apnea? You must get good sleep and it is mandatory for you. Use the CPAP machine to tackle sleep apnea if need be because sleep apnea can make the heart muscles weak. So, make sure that you are getting proper treatment for sleep apnea. 

  • Reduce your weight

Doctors are repeatedly asking to reduce obesity because obesity creates extra pressure on the heart. This can trigger various kinds of heart ailments and is also the major trigger of heart attacks. Do not fall for the weight loss pills because these can potentially impact the heart and complicate your health condition further. So, there is no short cut, you have to continue with your workout and yoga sessions.

Other factors that you must be careful about

Avoid smoking because it does no good to your heart rather makes your condition worse. If you must travel, then talk to your doctor before traveling to higher altitudes. Are you fond of trekking, hiking or any other adventure sport? Do not take unnecessary risk, talk to your physician first. You have to be careful about all the things that might potentially affect your heart health.

Follow these simple points to embrace a happy and healthy life. And let SL Raheja Hospital take care of the matters of your heart!


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