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How to build immunity through diet and simple habits

Building a strong immune system is vital to safeguard your body from diseases and remain healthy. Our immune system is the first line of defence against harmful viruses and bacteria. Immunity has become a necessity especially in these times of Covid-19. By visiting the best doctors in Mahim you can get valuable tips on how to build your immunity.

Tips to Strengthen Immunity

These health tips will help strengthen your immune system:

1. Stay hydrated: it is important to drink water regularly. Water helps your systems to function efficiently by carrying oxygen to your body cells. It also prevents toxins from building up in your body that could negatively impact your immune system. It may be tough to drink right glasses of water in a day, but try to start the day with a large glass of water and then drink at regular intervals


2.Exercise regularly: Exercising helps to not only prevent chronic illnesses like heart disease or diabetes but also improves your general health by strengthening your immune system. Exercising enhancesblood circulation and brings changes in the immunity building white blood cells responsible for fighting diseases.


3.Have a good night’s sleep: When you cut down on your sleep, the number of immune cells orT cells goes down leaving you vulnerable to infections. At the same time, your body’s inflammation cells increase. So, getting the right amount of sleep is vital as it is a regenerative process for the body.


4.Consume probiotics: Studies show that probiotics are great immunity boosters. It is advisable to eat fermented foods andcultured foods containing probiotics like yoghurt, kefir, or cheese, or tofu. You may even take probiotics supplements after consulting the best doctors in Mumbai.


5.Eat a nutritious diet: A well-balanced diet goes a long way in building the body’s immunity. Having a daily serving of fruits and vegetables of different colours is beneficial as they contain many essential nutrients and minerals that strengthen the immunity. Have foods rich in vitamin C which is crucial for immunity like lemon, oranges, capsicum, kiwi, orgooseberry. Consume lean proteins and complex carbohydrates present in foods like quinoa or brown rice. Reducing salt and sugar in your diet and processed foods and beveragesis also essential.


6.Reduce stress: Excessivestress can lower your body's ability to stay strong and puts a strain on the immune system. The stress hormone corticosteroid reduces the effectiveness of the immune system. Your body loses the strength to fight pathogens and becomes vulnerable to infections. Stress also indirectly affects the immunity since a person may resort to habits like smoking or drinking alcohol to reduce tension. You need to learn how to reduce stress by providing ample time for self care. Practising techniques like yoga and meditation is known to bring down anxiety and calm your mind.


Immunity plays a significant role in maintaining your health and wellbeing, and these healthy habits can help boost your immune system and keep away illnesses. Raheja Hospital has the best doctors in Maharashtra who will guide you on the steps you can take to develop immunity. They will analyse your health and advise you on what multivitamins you can take to boost immunity and im prove your body’s disease-fighting power.



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