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Dealing with emotions for cancer patients

A cancer diagnosis impacts patients, their families, and people taking care of them in a big way. It can be a life-changing experience, and the people involved, including the patient,go through a lot emotionally. Be it anxiety, anger, depression, only a cancer patient knows what and how he feels.


Cancer can affect the normal life of every member of the family and disrupt the work schedules, school or college routines, and home life. The patient and his family need to accept these changes and consult the best cancer doctors in Mahim to get the best possible treatment to bring life back to normalcy.

Coping with the emotions experienced during cancer

Understanding the emotional deal about the patients, here are some suggestions to help you deal with your emotions:


1.Low self-image:  People who have cancer often have to deal with changes in their lookslike hair loss, loss of an organ or limb, weight loss or gain, fatigue, scars, or rashes, which badly affect their self-image.They may also experience anxiety, a sense of being lonely, fear, or frustration How to deal with self-consciousness: Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to adapt to the situation.

How to build confidence:

a.Talk to people who have experienced similar situations. It will give you hope and understanding

b.Network with family and friends to feel more positive and be happy

c.Take control of the process by consulting your health care team about solutions like cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.


2.Feeling of uncertainty: A cancer diagnosis can create uncertainty about the future in your minds. You may feel worried about the side effects of the treatment like nausea or pain. You may be afraid of losing your independence,worry whether the treatment will work for you, or be afraid of cancer recurring. Getting world-class medical treatment from the best cancer doctors in Maharashtra will help reduce your uncertainty

How to tackle uncertainty:

a.Learn to let go of things not in your control and focus on things which you can control

b.Talking to your health team will make you feel better

c.Collect as much information as possible about the treatment. The right information will prepare you for what can happen

d.Talking with a social worker or counselor can relieve your uncertainty


3.Depression: Some patients experience depression before, during treatment, or after treatment. It can range from mild mood swings to severe depression. They may feel sadness, hopelessness, irritability, lack of motivation, or worthlessness making it more diffcult for them to cope with their treatment

Ways to cope with depression:

a.Talk openly with your health team about your feelings or physical symptoms and how they are affecting you

b.For mild depression, just talking about your feelings with a counselor helps to relieve the symptoms

c.If necessary, the psychiatrist treating you may prescribe medications and may suggest therapies like group therapy or family therapy

d.Professional counseling will help cope with low self-esteem and negative emotions


4.Anger: This is an emotion commonly experienced after receiving a cancer diagnosis or during and after treatment. It may be associated with bitterness about the hardship you have to face. It can be about how your family members react to your diagnosis or how your normal routine will change. Nausea, changes in sleep patterns, or pain can also produce anger

How to deal with anger:

a.Do not feel guilty about anger since it is a natural emotional response

b.Avoid unhealthy expressions of anger like hurting others or yourself, or taking alcohol or drugs

c.Do not repress your emotions. Talk about your feelings to a close friend, relative, or a professional counselor

d.Anger expressed healthily impacts you positively giving you the strength to cope


These tips will help you to cope effectively with the emotionsyou may experience if you have been diagnosed with cancer. Raheja Hospital has the best cancer doctors in Mahim,providing very accurate cancer diagnosis and the highest level of care to cancer patients.Their experienced team also helpspatients deal with various emotional issues commonly experienced before, during, and after treatment.


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