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10 Ergonomic Tips For Synchronizing Your Work Station At Home

10 Ergonomic Tips For Synchronizing Your Work Station At Home

In today's world, when sedentary work culture is on the rise, how many of us are actually worried about our spines?

Some of us do, but the majority of people are hardly aware of what problems can crop up if the spine becomes weak.

Well-known orthopedics consultants in Raheja Hospital, one of the top Spine Surgery Hospitals in Maharashtrasay that it is wise to make some adjustments here and there to synchronize your work station at home.

What kind of adjustments, you ask? Well, here are 10 tips for you, to begin with.


1. While sitting, try to maintain a right angle posture. This means that the back should be at a right angle with the sitting surface of the chair, and upper arms should be parallel to the body or your backbone, and the elbows bent at right angles. Try to keep the arms resting on the work surface. In this way, the posture remains good. If you have a problem with your spine, you can always visit Raheja Hospital which is counted among the best spine surgery hospitals in Maharashtra


2. Many people say that sitting long hours at a desk causes their ankles and lower limbs to swell up. This grows more prominent if they keep their legs hanging, especially in people who have got circulation problem. For this particular reason, it is not advisable to sit too high unless otherwise needed. 


3. In case the chair that you are using is not of proper height and your legs keep dangling then it is always advisable that you use a leg stool or some kind of leg support so that the circulation is not affected and the swelling of lower limbs are considerably much less.


4. A thumb rule for you - there should be a gap of at least 2 to 4 inches between the surface of the seat and the back of the knees. This is essential to ensure that there is proper circulation to the back of the knees. In case you are a tall person and the surface is not long enough you might consider lifting your workstation by some inches.


5. There is a technique of pushing your fist against your calf, while seated on a chair. If you can fully fit your fist between your calf and the edge of the seat then there is enough room for circulation else your seat is too deep. Using cushions to raise the surface of the seat is then recommended. 


6. Back support is critical and it needs to be ensured that the back support is designed in such a way that the back is at the right angle with the base of the body. The angle is best when the right angle or very close to it. It is better still if there is cushioning to push the back forward.


7. Swivel of the chair is equally important and it should allow your body to swivel properly and give ample support to your back.


8. Once the chair is set up close your eyes and open to see the center of the screen. If the gaze needs to be lowered then adjust the height of the screen accordingly.


9. Adjusting armrests is important and should be set at a height so that the arms are at a little height at the shoulders. This ensures proper elbow support and takes the weight off the shoulders.


10. Sitting right is very important, even if the chair is very ergonomic yet sitting on the edge means you lose all the benefits. Thus, sitting properly covering the entire surface of the chair is important.


If you can follow these useful ergonomic tips shared by Top spine surgeon in Maharashtra at Raheja Hospital, you can sure keep back problems at bay and enjoy working from home!


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